Monday, 28 May 2012


Lynn is comfortable at home and she and all the family would like to thank you all for your continued support.
She is in no pain is sleeping and eating well, but because of the steroids & her condition can find it a little difficult to process thoughts at times and this can make her very tired, very quickly.
This is the main reason she is not using the phone.
She gets all your texts and messages and would love to talk to you all, but at this time is simply unable to.

Many thanks again for your understanding and support.


  1. Just keep sending our love to Lynn please Brian, we could not ask for more, its totally understandable that Lynn does not want to spend time on the phone having to tire herself out,
    we all love and miss her being at work but now is the time to rest and be with her family
    I love you both and send loads of hugs as usual
    G xxxxx

  2. Hi Brian - thanks again for all the updates. I am glad that Lynn is comfortable and not in pain. Please do send her big hugs from Alex and myself and obviously to you too. I think of her and you often. Keep strong - you are both amazing people. Take care Nicola and Alex Waterman x

  3. Hello Lynn
    I was explaining to my wife, Bess, why I am feeling sad about you and she asked me to tell her about you. I started to relate how you, Barry, Crawford and Maggie were our very first friends in Zambia and then all sorts of memories came out. I told her about Pepper, and how you had passed on the news to us of her death, and how we had all been so upset, but there were also lots of happy memories. One strange one that really put a big smile on my face was watching the Muppets with you, Katie and the boys on a Sunday afternoon, and how you loved the theme tune so much. That made me feel much better. I hope it puts a smile on you too. Love, Geoff

  4. Hi Lynn
    Sorry I missed you when you came into work but I was off for my Birthday. I brought some left over birthday cake in today but I miss the crumb monster. Love Linda

  5. Lynn and Brian I love you both.....I always think about some of the great laughs we had together at United Overseas! Lots of love, loads of hugs and kisses are being sent to the whole family in my prayers.
    Don't forget Brian if you need an