Monday, 14 May 2012


I wish you could all the smile on my face as I wright this update.
Lynn has been taken off all the four types of pain killers, as these are not helping, just making her more tired.
Her syptoms are totally being masked by the steroids!
This means she has had no drugs through IV in to her vains today.
This will be monitored over the next few days and if there are no ill effects (God willing)

She will still be very very poorly, but at least she will have us 4 men to run around after her in the comfort of her own home.
The again was totally unexpected and must be down to the positive vibes around her and the strength of this amazing women.
Had to pinch myself when given the news to make sure I was not dreaming.
Happy Happy days !


  1. Absolutely brilliant news. Hope she's home with you very soon xx

  2. Twinkle, Twinkle little star
    what an amazing woman you truly are!
    Brian I think you under estimate the strength that you transfer to Lynn through your love
    you are both wonderful and I love you both dearly
    the best news ever!
    G xxxxx

  3. Super news, keep positive and Lynn will be home with you all in no time, Sxx