Monday, 14 May 2012

Another good start to the day

Lynn had a very good Sunday, on par with the Saturday and it looks like Monday has started the same way.
I hope I have to write this many many more times.

Enjoy your day & Lynn sends her love to you all!


  1. perfect Brian, just perfect!
    so happy that Twinkle is sparkling with her beautiful loveliness
    give her the biggest hug ever
    love you both dearly
    G xxxxx

  2. Hi, I have been texting via Lynn's phone, but just in case you missed that I want to add my sentiments to everyone else's. Thanks so much for keeping the blog going for us all. Lynn is held in my thoughts and heart every day and am delighted that she has improved over the last few days. I send my love and will visit when she is feeling up to it, Sallyxox

  3. Hi Brian - I am glad that Lynn is feeling better today - she is so strong. Please send her Alex and My love. Nicola Waterman