Saturday, 12 May 2012

What a day, Thank you all

Today has to rank up there near our wedding day!
After the devastating news and how poorly Lynn was yesterday, I genuinely thought I had my last conversation with her. I was expecting to go in to see her, hold her hand and just watch her, as yesterday she had said so few words, been almost unconscious the entire day and in pain.
I phoned the hospital early to check how her night had gone, only to discover that she was awake, talking and eating toast! I was in that hospital like a shot!
She was full of it, almost all day. She had loads of visitors and was taking the micky out of most of them and had time for each and every one of them.
She had a visit from Reverand John who married us in January and took great comfort from their time together.
Most of her symptoms are being masked by a massive amount of anti brain swelling steroid.
She continues to amaze me and words can not describe what a happy man that takes his rest tonight.
Thank you all for your messages, texts, phone calls, cards & visits. I let Lynn know about each and every one of them.
Most of all thank you all who said a prayer for my Lynny M, this must have made a difference. Can I be really greedy and please ask you all for a few more of the same? If I get more days like today, I will truly be the luckiest man alive.
Thank you


  1. That's brilliant news. She is certainly a woman and a half. Please send her all our love and tell her that we thinking of her always. Xxx

    1. Thank you both so much, I will of course. xxx

  2. What a girl! I'm so happy to hear she's doing better. Please send her my love and tell her I haven't stopped thinking about her for a second. More prayers on the way for you all xxx

  3. This is Allan - fantastic news. I think it was the smell of the toast personally :-)! Seriously though, our thoughts are with you both. Love Allan, Alison, Holly, Abbie xx