Thursday, 24 May 2012

Heavy heart

I write the following with a heavy heart and please forgive me for breaking this news.
All did not go well at Addenbrookes Wednesday.
Lynn's cancer is now at an untenable stage and its rapid growth is now incomptible with any treatment plans available.
She was given the option of continuing on the imunotherapy route or stopping all treatment. With the time she have left, any thoughts of just giving in are not in her nature, so she will continue and we will find out today when this will take place. This may even happen today!
Where are we if we live without hope?
Reality has arrived in our world after many months of denial.
After making a pact between the two of us to of never wanting to know the prognosis, the question that no one should ever have to ask was asked, and the answer is a very short time frame.
So battle lines have now been drawn in the sand, and Lynn is very much up for the fight as we all know she just loves a challenge.
Lynn has not changed as person, she is still the loving, caring and bubbly girl we all know & love, so if you get the pleasure of talking, messaging or meeting the wonderful lady, don't pity her, simply act your normal self and lets all enjoy the time we have available.
There will be plenty of time for grief, but now is not that time, this is Lynn's time! We simply have too much to do, we  have a vey long list and we are less than half way through, Pandas in Edinburgh next!


  1. positive mental attitude, Lynn has had that all the way through and there will be no changing her now! good for my Twinkle, be happy, enjoy it all and take each day as it comes
    the news is sad and not what we ever wanted to hear but as you say this is no time for grief, Lynn needs all the happiness in her life as she is such a lively bubbly blinking livewire
    huge love and hugs to my Twinkle and to you Brian, love you both G xxxxx

  2. sending my love and positive thoughts to you all! keep strong. thinking of you lots
    love Jen x x x

  3. As the girls say- love and hugs to you all. Sending you my most positive vibes Lynn. Xxx

  4. Sorry to hear that it is not positive news, however you are both being so brave that i am sure you will continue to fight which is great. Please continue to send my love to Lynn, tell her to keep strong and the Watermans are all praying for her. Love Nicola

  5. Words fail most of us when someone we love is dying, but beyond hugs, words are what we have left.....I love you both and a prayer is said to help you both through this very difficult journey..
    With lots of love, hugs and kisses to all the family

  6. All I can do is add my love to you all in the Masson and Buchan family. You are in my thoughts every day. Edinburgh sounds a great idea.