Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Update 15th May

Lynn had a mostly good day today (Happy face)
She was unfortunately sick just after taking some of her steroid medication. Unable to quantify how much the body has absorbed, the medical staff are not able to give her any more until 8am tomorrow.
So she has been very sleepy and they have had to control her pain via other methods.

She is fully alert and chatting as normal but due to her tiredness will be unable to see visitors for the next couple of days.
There is nothing extra to worry about, she has just been through a tough few days and needs as much rest as possible, I am sure you all understand and she sends her love to you all.

I myself am knackered, so if you all don't mind I will not be putting anymore updates for a while unless her condition or circumstances change.

Thanks for all your support and keep sending the messages, I read them all to her and I am sure it gives her extra strength.

Bless you all

Brian & Lynn

1 comment:

  1. Brian we just all thank you for keeping us up to date as much as you have
    you now need to rest too before you frazzle yourself out!
    we know Lynn is in good hands with the hospital and especially you so just send love and hugs to her and take care of you both
    Love always G xxx