Sunday, 10 June 2012

Update June 10th

Update not mentioned on this video. (Sorry about the waterfall background noise)
Lynn has been extra tired and lethargic this week, her eyesight has been much worse than normal. We investigated what had changed in such a short time, and think we have cracked it. She has a tumour in her armpit that on occasion can bleed, so she was prescribed and anti-bleed tablet. This was the only change in medication, so after reading all the side effects of the drugs we stopped it and hey presto, much better. Saturday was a much better day. This in combination with taking things in her stride and adapting to day to day living will be the way forward.

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  1. your hair looks amazing sweetheart and so do you
    taking each day as it comes is definitely the way to do it and have some quiet time just for you
    you are a very strong and special lady and you mean the world to me
    love you lots Twinkle xxxxx