Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thorpe Hall Hospice

Lynn has had a very bad time of it during the last few days.
It has been a gradual decline of energy and strength leading to two seizures yesterday.
She had been laid up in bed for almost 2 solid days, without much sleep & major discomfort, but very little pain. So between the two of us, we made the decision that due to fatigue and the need for a full review of her medication to admit her to Thorpe Hall hospice.
This decision was made easy due to the fact that our good friend Chrissie is a nurse there and took time out of her holiday to show Lynn and I around, introduce us to all the staff and make us feel that this was not a scary place, but one of care and the best place for Lynn to be.
Bless you Chrissie!

Above is a very edited version of Lynn & the family story since the last update, and all of us are almost running on empty, so spare a thought for both the Buchan & Masson family during this difficult time.

Lynn will not be seeing any visitors during the first part of her stay at Thorpe Hall, this is her choice and on the Doctors advice. Seeing visitors at this stage would have a detrimentle effect on any possible benefit during her medication revision.
I will update as and when I can, but please bear in mind that Lynn is a very poorly lady, none of her treatment is working or has been stopped and she is simply being made as comfortable as possible.

Thanks again for all your support and prayers, we are truly blessed to have friends and family like you all.
God bless you all


  1. bless my Twinkle and keep her comfortable and pain free xxxxx

  2. Hey Brian, remember to put the bins out on time or else Lynn will be letting you know about it! Thinking of you all - Buchans and Massons alike. Lynn, try not to be too grumpy with the nurses in the morning. xx

  3. Hi Brian, I hope that some hospice care is doing Lynn the world of good and that she is as comfortable and rested as possible. We're thinking of you all and send our best wishes. With all our love xx

  4. All our love and thoughts are with you, Lynn and all the family. Keep strong. All our love Nicola and Alex waterman xxx