Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Latest update

Unfortunately Wednesdays consultation has been cancelled due to the delayed arrival of my gene test results.
The earliest I will hear is either Friday or next Monday. Therefore whatever the result my next appointment will be on Wednesday the 7th of December. This is for a CT scan and hopefully other tests, but only if I am suitable for this drug trial. If I don't have the mutant gene needed, we will have discussions on the other treatments available to me.
I am still working but tiredness is becoming more an every day issue. I also find more lumps popping up on a regular basis, which is inevitable as I am not having any treatment or drugs at the moment.
My spirits are still high and I am sleeping very well and would like to thank you all again for your continued support.
Love & hugs Lynn xx


  1. hiya Twink
    Bit of a pain having to wait those extra few days for your results but lets hope that is a good sign for things to come. I am glad you are managing to sleep well because I'm sure that's the last thing you would need, sleepless nights, on top of everything else. I can see you getting tired at work and although you want to be strong and carry on perhaps now is the time to just step back a little bit and get some rest. You may need all your strength soon so saving some energy now could make all the difference. You know it makes sense (as Del boy would say) lol
    Anyway sorry for waffling on, just take it easy Twinkle and keep sparkling bright for me
    love and hugs G xxxxx

  2. Hiya lovely lady. As Gina said you certainly are a little sparkle lighting up our building as you hurry about. You have a Duracell Battery inserted in you and the rest of us must have Tesco own cheap make Batteries. We are here to support you and love ya loads. Ange xx

  3. Finally snoring in the Mad House, but all dreaming happy thoughts for you .... Of rainbows and all the beautiful colours. We've all agreed to meet there, hold hands and have a dance around. Sounds a bit like those Sunday afternoons in the common room! Sweet dreams Gorgeous. Xx

  4. Dear Lynn,
    I am certainly a 'blast from the past'. You, Barry, my brother Mark and myself were friends in Kitwe, Zambia many years ago - about thirty years ago I think. Fun filled days playing Squash, Swimmimg and keenly contested games of Risk and Monopoly. Great days.

    You were tough and tenacious on the Squash Court then and I am sure you will will continue to be. A real fighter at Nkana Squash Club. Remember those days?

    You are in my thoughts.
    Lots of love at this time.

    Peter Powell

  5. Hi Peter

    I'll never forget those days although I can't remember who won when we played squash!
    Mum and Dad keep me informed about you and Sarah and your respective families. Thank you so much for your thoughts - it means a lot and I have so may happy memories of our gang including Conner and Ewan! I will keep strong and positive and the love and support from everyone really helps. Thank you so much. Much love.