Monday, 14 November 2011

Plastic surgeon consultation

Went for the consult with the plastic surgeon today. Very dispassionate women who scared me more than she should have. Almost what is the point? Asked me which lump was causing me the most discomfort instead of simply setting dates for removal of all the lumps.

Procedure will be with a local anesthetic and we have asked for all three to be removed, but they will not use the wide excision method, so recovery should not be too bad. Now on the waiting list for surgery.

She went onto imply that more lumps or Melanoma metastasis were inevitable.

Finally, she was very surprised by how my melanoma had spread, through my blood rather than the usual route of the lymph system.

Next appointment is on Wednesday at Addenbrookes with the Oncologist.

My only symptoms at the moment are these bloody lumps and I feel tired and a little chesty.
I can not wait for the treatment to begin!


  1. hello my darling
    I have decided on a new name for you, from now on I will be calling you 'Twinkle' because you are my little star, lol
    you have my support wholeheartedly, and as you know I am alone most of the time, you had better call on me when you want to chat, shout, scream, or just go out for a drive/walk/drink
    I know you are gonna fight this with all you usual determination and we will all be there behind you
    expect plenty of comments from me Twinkle
    love and hugs G xxxxxx

  2. Hi aunty lynn, hope you feel better soon. good luck on wednesday. Love Antony Mae-Lynn Ella-Marie xxxooo

  3. EM's now gone to bed. They've done a card for you and it should be winging it's way up there soon'ish! Will send to Mom and Dad, David and Kelly-Ann. Much love Gorgeous and see you soon. xx Give Brian and the Boys a squish too :) I LOVE YOU

  4. Hello sexy lady. I have always said it! You really are an amazing woman! Ange xx

  5. Hiya Twinkle
    just to let you know that I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope all goes as well as possible.
    Love and hugs G xxxx

  6. just to say i love you, even though you already know that, dam ive just noticed theres no spell check with this blogging thingy !!! xxxxx barry