Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Details of consultation at Addenbrookes

Spirits a lot better than yesterday after our visit with the oncologist. Don't get me wrong there is no magic cure for what I have, however plans are now in place to try and control or even reduce the cancer. He stated that I have low volume cancer in my right lung and a similar amount on my liver. There is a big possibility I have had this for some time, even before the lumps appeared. We now have a better understanding of why the plastic surgeon's attitude was the way it was. We have always been of the opinion that any lumps have to be removed quickly, but this is only for the initial stage 1/2  melanoma, after the secondary spread any removal is purely for cosmetic purposes. Therefore the surgery booked for Dec 1st is to be cancelled at this stage.

There is no recognised effective treatment for melanoma, Chemo has very little effect on the tumours so clinical trials are the way forward. The plan for my treatment is as follows depending on biopsy results.
My original melanoma biopsy will be sent to the USA to check for a specific gene mutation called BRAF V600E. If I have this gene I will qualify for the clinical trial using a drug called Vemurafenib which is a test drug for blocking protein growth in cancer cells.

Sorry, very tired and I will update more later as there is alot of info, going to bed a lot more content.
Lots of love xxxx


  1. Hi there Gorgeous (Piggy Eyes.....remember that one?! dont recall who gave you that name) (for those of you wondering it was after Miss Piggy who had such brilliant blue eyes. Glad you are in better spirits and you should be sleeping now with a quieter heart and mind. Speak to you soon and many happy thoughts from this house to yours. xxxx

  2. hiya Twinkle
    so glad you got some answers yesterday and positive thoughts are obviously helping. Keep strong my little star, we are all behind you with our strength to help you fight this.
    love and hugs G xxxx

  3. Hello Twinkle
    just to say, I hope you have a good weekend with your family and enjoyed some quality time away from the hectic office.
    see you soon darling
    love and hugs G xxxx