Friday, 2 December 2011

I am a Mutant!

Good news everyone I have the required mutated gene to hopefully go ahead with the clinical trial. Anyone would have thought I had won a gold medal at the Olympics the way I ran down the corridors at work to let all my friends and colleagues know! Lots of hugs were exchanged, Telephone calls to close family brought smiles and brings hope!

I go to Addenbrookes on Wed 7th December for a head, thorax, abdomen and pelvis CT scan followed by a full check by a Dermatologist and then finally meet with the oncologist. All the data is then collated and then the hope is that I start the drug on the 14th December. I will then have monthly scans and checks at Addenbrookes with the hope that the drug stops the spread of the cancer or even reduces it but it will only be for a limited time. The average seems to be about ten months. The drug is eighty percent effective and so this clinical trial is different to others in that all patients take the drug instead of the usual 50 percent placebo effect.

Lynn Masson 1 The Big C 0


  1. Thats fab news Lynn. So pleased to hear that. Have a good weekend S x

    PS just watched The Kings Speech on DVD if you fancy seeing it again? :)

  2. oh Twinkle
    we could not have wished for better news on a Friday! I thought you was going to have to lie down after running round the offices, lol
    It's game on now then and you are going to make it game, set and match, my lovely.
    absolutely can't wait for our night out on the 10th and raising a glass to my special Twinkle
    keep on sparkling my little star
    love you loads G xxxxx

  3. Thanks G. I too am really looking forward to the 10th as it will probably be the last time I can have a drink! Felt so good today that at last managed to do a mini workout - 10 mins cycling, small weights and then some floor exercises - then a nice hot bath. Apparently I now look very tired but I just think it is make up I haven't removed properly!!! Love you my good friend. xxxx

  4. Twinkle, I was so busy yesterday afternoon and I didn't get to give you a squeeze for today!!
    Not sure if I will see you before you go, so sending you some hugs and kisses now
    Hope the day goes as well as it can sweetheart and keep that magic sparkle going for me
    love you loads Twink
    G xxxx