Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

My first video blog entry with an update on my 7 hours at Addenbrookes

No part of me has been left unchecked, scanned, prodded or probed!

Just click the play button, comments welcome, video critique not!


  1. Twinkle my darling sparkly little star
    I love you so much, you are so brave and so positive and put us all to shame with our daily moans and groans!
    Am loving this video, you did a brilliant job of explaining it all
    just hang in there sweetheart, the road might be a bit bumpy but you know who you can call on if need be, nothing is too much trouble for me where you are concerned.
    cant wait to give you a big hug and kiss tomorrow just to show how much you mean to me
    you are one in a million and you are my sparkly shining twinkle star
    love you darling
    G xxxxx

  2. hi lynn just bought i,d let you know that i,m thinking of you and it sounds good that you did well at the you margaret.

  3. Hi Lynn

    Just received the link to the blog. You sound so positive and still willing to win, but then that doesn't surprise me!

    Thinking of you.

    Derek Wilkes

  4. G - you know I love all your comments. See u tom.

    Auntie Margaret - hope you are having a great time and thanks for thinking of me. Love you too.

    Derek - So nice to hear from you and love your blogger name "dodgyknee" - is it sport & age related?! O to be 18/19 again. Pls send my hello's to your Mum,Dad and Julie and thanks again for your message - it really means alot.

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  6. Hi Lynn, our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Stay positive!
    You look great. We will stay in touch and please keep us up to date with all
    that's happening. I will have Allan send his new e-mail to your dad, I know he was trying to get it. Love to all of you, Caroline, Patrick, Ryan & Taylor xxxx

  7. Thanks Caroline - I have told Dad Alan will email and I hope all is well with you and the family and that you are not missing the States too much. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and I certainly aim to keep positive and remain smiley! Look forward to hopefully seeing all of you in the not too distant . Love to you all. xxxx

  8. Do you remember Lynn, that stupid funny personality test Brian cooked up? All in the Name of Love!

  9. Hi Chrissie - not only do I remember but I have kept the paperwork and only a month ago I was re-telling the tale!!! He truly is my soulmate and love of my life and I cannot wait until the 21st January!!