Wednesday, 21 December 2011

One week on the tablets

Well I am now into my routine of 4 tablets in the morning at 10am, two hours after breakfast and then 4 at 10pm at night with no food after 8pm. It is all going really well and by Monday night we could visibly see a reduction in several of the lumps - yes in less than a week!!! Feeling extremely good and the only apparent side effect I seem to be having is some insomnia. I seem to be getting 2 or 3 solid hours of sleep and then feel wide awake. I am however staying in bed and I must be drifting in and out but it does seem a long night and I am then getting up just after 6am. Other than that I have a little pain in my left hand between the wrist and fingers and it was slighltly swollen. However it is minimal pain and nothing I can't cope with. Everyone thinks I am looking good and I am holding down my full time job with no problems although I have reduced my hours slightly as I am getting tired. The other good news is that after 13 years together Brian and I are getting married on 21st January 2012. He proposed to me on my 39 birthday and I will be walking down the aisle on my Dad's arm on my 47th birthday - how wonderfull is that!

Really looking forward to a family Xmas and all the preparations are well under way for my dream wedding.


  1. All wonderful news! Love reading your blog!

  2. well Twinkle, I can certainly vouch for the fact that you are looking good, you always will in my eyes. It's great news that already visual signs are changing for the better so excellent news for that.
    As for the wedding, you know we will be there with great big happy grins on our faces and a pile of soggy tissues in our hands! lol
    two such lovely people who could not deserve this day more, can't wait for the big day.
    love you absolutely loads my Twinkle and massive hugs to Brian for being such a fantastic person
    G xxxxx

  3. Dear Chrissie - so glad you like the blog and can't wait to see you.

    Thanks Gina for being such a fantastic friend and boasting my twinkle!!

  4. Just to let you know we are thinking about you. Great new about the trial drug which all sounds really positive. Hope you had a wonderful christmas and New Year. Love Alison and Allan Xx

  5. Had a wonderful Xmas thanks Alison and Allan. Looking forward to seeing you both at the wedding. xx All the very best for 2012.