Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Radiotherapy 25th April - The last one!

Updated by the chauffeur. 5 of 5 DONE! No dramas. Oncology Update. Blood results were very good, liver indicators were poor on the last result, this has now cleared and was a side effect of the Vemurafenib. Confirmation of starting the new treatment Ipilimumab via a 90 minute drip in the morning.(Subject to her temperature being O.K. , it was high today) Lynn has a had a minor cold this week, the Radio therapy has given her a very unusual and unpleasant sensation behind her eyes and in her head. This has made her exhausted and tired. Lynn has said that this has been the worst week of her life for feeling unwell, but is now looking forward to the new treatment and being off the radio therapy.

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  1. hope all goes well tomorrow Twink, and that you can start to feel a bit better and less tired
    and thanks Brian for keeping us updated
    love and hugs to you both
    G xxxxx