Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Addenbrookes 7h March

Just a very quick update as everything went very well at my appointment today and I have another 3 weeks worth of drugs. I am still on the 1mg steroid and I have been told I can reduce the diuretic to the 20mg but if the fluid gets worse I can then judge this myself and go back upto the 40mg. The steroid does cause fluid retention.

Anyway I am feeling exceptionally good at the moment having just recently had a nice break in Scotland with my Mum. It has certainly done me the world of good and made me realise how much work takes it out of me and I probably still do too much at home too but it is all a learning curve!

Next update evening of Wed 28th March after results of the all important scans!


  1. Good news Lynn.....bigger force at work here! So glad you had a fab time with your mum and had a good rest!
    Keep it up...always in my thoughts.....xxxxxxx

  2. well Twinkle its all going well, good for you babe
    am still worried you do too much at work and think I will stamp my feet if you don't just take it easy occasionally! I know you like to be superwoman but I want you to keep that sparkle and not get tired.
    Just listen to your body and if it says I'm tired then rest, okay, enough said, lol
    love you lots Twinkle, keep shining for me
    g xxxxx